A social network is not a dating site


When we decide to look for a partner online, we have to analyze well where we are going to do it. Although love can surprise us anywhere, it is important to be clear that a social network is not the same as a dating site.

In this note we tell you what the differences are:

What is a social network?

A social network is a virtual community in which its users connect to share experiences, friendship, affinities, etcetera. They are based on the theory of the six degrees of separation according to which all individuals are connected through no more than six people.

The best known is Facebook that was born in 2004 on the initiative of a Harvard student, as a way to keep the university community connected. Today is the most famous social network in the world. The name of the site refers to the albums that are delivered in American high schools with pictures of the students.

In social networks people interact with family, friends, co-workers, etc. They were not born with the purpose of looking for a partner. This does not imply that you can not find a good partner there but you can get to meet someone who just wants to have a good time.

Just like when you want to buy fruit, you go to the grocery store, when you are looking for a partner, the ideal is that you do it in a place intended for that purpose, in which registered people are looking for the same thing you are.

What is a dating site?
A dating site is a portal where men and women register and then subscribe in order to find a life partner. A site like Match.com is a bridge for those people who want to live a love story with a view to a construction in time. The chances of knowing someone compatible are very high since they work with search filters and a system of matcheo algorithms that makes people with similar tastes and desires can take contact through mail, chat, webcam, etc.

One in 5 subscribed people claims to have found the relationship they were looking for.

Why are there more chances of finding a lasting love in a dating portal than in a social network?

  1. Because those who register in a site with these characteristics do so specifically to find a partner.
  2. Because it takes time to fill out a profile with personal characteristics, those that are desired in another , personality, et cetera. This exhaustive description allows the search - and the encounter - of someone close to you to be much more successful.
  3. Because you can choose from physical features, tastes, hobbies, place of residence, level of education, religion and preference sexual.
  4. Because the loves that are born in these sites are born of compatibilities, that is, they do it from a platform of coincidences.

75% of Match users .com claims to be looking for a relationship with commitment.

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