Feel worthy of love ... and it will come!

It's the law of basic attraction: only what you think you deserve will come into your life . And this applies, logically, to love.

It is common to hear complaints from men and women who say it is very difficult to find a life partner. In general, good love comes when you are in harmony with your own life and that is where you tune in better with others. When you are not in balance, you will only attract mirrors of your discomfort to yourself.
To achieve a good couple, you have to do an internal job that involves:

  • Analyze what you want for life and doing it specifically in the field of love. When you do not know what you want, you find what you do not want. That is why it is essential to be clear about personal priorities. There are times when work is the axis; others where you want to start a family or find a partner. It depends on each personal story and each moment. Having it clear is essential.
  • Think about what you DO NOT want for life. To get to know what you really want, you have usually gone through many situations that you do not I would repeat. They are those things that one does not want for their daily life. It is good to review them, list them, read the list and then break it, to symbolically dismiss what would not be pleasant to reproduce.
  • Ask yourself if you think you "deserve" love: that this slogan sounds strange. But it is not minor: only what we believe we can achieve comes to our lives. It is vital to work self-esteem to feel worthy of facts and good people. To do this, you have to learn to love and trust yourself, work the old mandates and structures, gratitude and close the old circles that make us get stuck in the past.
  • Make a "list" of desires ": This does not mean making a list like the one in the supermarket, but writing down one by one the characteristics of that person you dream for your life: type of relationship, physical characteristics, age, personality, etc. Visualize yourself in that link.
  • Get down to work: In general, nothing falls from heaven in life. In the search for a partner you also have to be proactive. If there is no longer energy to go out at night, for example, the best option is to sign up on a dating site like Match.com that allows the possibility of finding someone like you, at the place you choose.

Love can be a click away; you only need to feel worthy of it.

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