The expected holidays arrived and it is known that great expectations tend to lead to unthinkable frustrations. Holidays are usually a defining moment for the bonds: most divorces arise after what should be "the" annual meeting moment.

The break often brings with it an increase in the amount of divorce. time of coexistence. During the working year, each member of the couple has their activities, their own organization and their times. In the breaking of the routine increases the timeshare and, with it, the historical conflicts and even the most daily ones like the hygiene of the house, the use of the computer, etc.

On vacations, many people discover That boyfriend, husband or lover is, in reality, a stranger and they panic. Do not despair: if you act with intelligence and without impulsiveness, vacations can be a great moment for mutual knowledge and enrichment of dialogue.

These are some keys to take advantage of as a couple and, instead of turning holidays into a battlefield, promote mutual understanding:

  • Do not romanticize this period: whether it's the journey more expected, all situations of life present chiaroscuro. Being realistic is a good way to overcome any difficulty that may arise.
  • Keep the mood: Any contingency is less terrible if there is good vibes. The couples that last are the ones that have the common code of laughter and smile.
  • Establish a holiday routine: assign roles for household chores, agree spaces, etc. . Although it may sound contradictory to be structured when one is supposed to relax, organization is key to avoiding conflicts.
  • Share the activities of children. During the year, parents - are together or separately - they usually have their schedules and activities with well-defined children. A holiday plan is fine so that each mom or dad can organize themselves, even more so if they do not live together.
  • Converse the work needs: there are people who do not want (or can not) disconnect of work on vacation. It is good to establish certain spaces of "disconnection": the schedule of meals, the bedroom ... Respecting the needs of work and rest in an enriching consensus. Leave phones, tablets and other gadgets out for a few moments, too.
  • Try to reinforce the dialogue: In the vortex of the year, many families are organized based on an overload of demands , tasks and absence of dialogue. In the time of rest, conflicts explode because it appears, precisely, the possibility of talking. It is important to establish this space in a gradual way, avoiding anxiety and knowing that what has not existed up to now can not be built in a second.
  • Be honest but not hurtful: is good that each member of the couple and family express their wishes freely. Part of the learning of this close coexistence that occurs on vacation has to do with learning to say from love.
  • Pay attention to money: travel and vacations can predispose to mismanagement financial, which, inevitably, will lead to discussions. Box in order, couple in harmony. Beware of waste; the economy of the recess also requires planning.

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