How to avoid stalking and being stalked

All people like to be served, real or virtual. But when that attention becomes excessive, it becomes harassing and can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous.

A stalker is that man or woman who spies or "lurks" on the Web. The term is broad and ranges from harmless behaviors such as persistently looking at third-party profiles to inappropriate ones such as being invasive or threatening in such networks or on dating sites.

If we talk about virtual curiosity, most of People "stalkea" in one way or another. Who has not snooped in the profile of his ex, at least a couple of times to see how is that man or woman for whom we have been replaced? It is part of human nature although there are studies that indicate that it is not good for the psyche because it leaves us attached to the past and in a state of frustration. When stalkeo is harmless and imperceptible to the recipient of the stalkeo, nothing happens; in any case pay the consequences the gossip. The problem arises when the virtual harasser generates some damage, such as, assume the identity of another person, meddle in their publications or interact inappropriately with her contacts, for example.

Para prevent the "work" of a stalker - and avoid becoming one involuntarily - here are some suggestions:

  • Preserve intimate data on social networks and dating sites: nothing to post addresses, bank details, etc. Beware of pictures of children. Do not post on the network those things that you would not be venting in offline life. Use common sense, which is usually the least common of the senses.
  • Learn how to use social media settings and manage publications accordingly. Facebook offers several options for Publication: for friends, personalized, public, etc. You do not need to see everything you post.
  • Beware of tags: Do not compulsively tag photos or status to other people. Before uploading an update to an alien wall, it is always best to ask the receiver if you agree to it. There may be those who do not want it to be known that they have been in a certain place on a given day. Or simply people who do not like to be seen in bulk, for privacy reasons.
  • Be careful with what you post on other people's walls, what you tweet about and what what you say. In virtuality, always applies what in offline life: it is better to count to ten. Who says without thinking about life, will surely do so on the Web, causing all kinds of consequences and discomforts to others. The maxim of relationships has to be to think before speaking; think before you post r.
  • If a person has a history of annoying or obsessive behavior, block it. A dating site like offers its users the possibility of blocking the user who is having inappropriate behavior by clicking on their profile. It also has a customer service team to which you can report any suspicious act.

It is important to differentiate what is a social network from a dating site. Networks are virtual communities in which registered users interact with other users with whom they have an affinity or common links.

Dating sites are portals in which people search for partners by affinity. They work with matching algorithms and search filter systems.

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