How to go from cybernobbing to real courtship

You decided to look for a partner in a dating portal and you hooked up with a man or a woman like you never thought could happen to someone you do not know personally. As the feeling seems to be mutual, they decide to see each other to see if there is a chance to start building a relationship. The moment of truth came, to go from cyber-encounter to embodying who you know screen through.

It is important that you do not wait too long to generate a meeting with whom you have been sharing so many things online. In this way, if there is a feeling between both, it will be time to continue investing in the link. And, if there is no chemistry, it is important that you know that every encounter experience with another will enrich you in the way of finding that special being you are looking for.

According to a recent Match survey. com, one in ten users takes a week to set up a meeting with whom they have been interacting online.

At the time of the first meeting remember:

  • Take basic security precautions: avoid getting into cars of strangers or ask them to pick you up at your address. The first face-to-face should always be given in neutral places such as a confectionery or a park during the day.
  • Never lose your courtesy: if the reality does not match your expectations, be kind and at least take a coffee.
  • Be clear about what you want and say it: if you have already reached an important degree of virtual privacy, it is good to be honest as to what each of you is trying to achieve in a possible relationship.
  • Do not play with the feelings of others: you would not like them to do it with yours. If whoever you have in front of your eyes is not the person you thought you saw in your virtual communication, let them know it with delicacy. That man or woman has come to the appointment with the same illusions as you.
  • Ratifies that the other is "available": who really wants to start a couple, will have no problem answering questions such as is your marital status, if you live with someone, etc. If the other is in a complicated sentimental situation it is good that you know in advance and in you will be the decision to move away or not.

"New Year, new life", says the saying". Why not start the year with a new love?

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