The most common lies online


Many resist looking for a partner online for fear of lying. It is true that many people falsify information. The good news is that the lie is not only the Web's heritage and that, with a little attention you can detect who is not telling the truth.

These are the most common lies on the web when to find a partner is:

  • An old photo: is simple; when there were no webcams, we stayed with the "snapshot" that the other decided to show us. Nowadays, it is easy to check if the real person is like in the photo that he/she exhibits. It's as simple as asking him to turn on the little camera. If you get upset, something is not wanting to show.
  • A sentimental situation that is not real: It is assumed that no one should invent a loving state that does not have to get another pay attention, but it happens. Nowadays, lying online is not so simple since the possibilities of "investigating" are many. You can access the history of Facebook of a person and even ask for a financial report that indicates your real situation link. A thorough Google search, paying attention to the details can return unsuspected results.
  • A "fictional" life: all people, to a greater or lesser extent, "edit" our life in social networks. Rarely is someone going to post who is distressed to their account to upload a newly raised and haggard photo. Learning to read between the lines is a way to discover the reality behind the construction that everyone, voluntarily or involuntarily we create online . That a person is smiling in the photos does not necessarily imply that their life is a merry-go-round.
  • Places and people "embellished": with some filter management in the cameras and from photoshop, we all look nicer, younger and happier. Retouched reality is a good hook to attract someone but does not hold a link. It is simple to check how much makeup there is on online: specify a coffee in the light of day and you can see how much artifice and how much reality there is in front of you.

And remember: on the web you also have to learn to read between the lines.

The lie has short legs, online and offline. Be honest @ with yourself and with others.

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