The myth that only "freaks" fall in love online

It is often said to be freak or "geek" person who has extravagant, or "weird" behavior. We could start by asking what "normality" is. If being "normal" is doing what all mortals do to not be dissonant, welcome be the rarity to the extent that one makes it happy and does not harm anyone.

Years ago, anyone who confess to be looking for a partner - or have achieved it - online, it was surely classified as a freak. Prejudices have always been the order of the day and, although linking online has been naturalized, there are still many people who point the finger at those who relate sentimentally in a virtual way.

According to a recent survey conducted in the United States , 1 in 5 Americans who are married or in a committed relationship, met their online partner and 59% of Internet users agree that "online dating is a good way to meet people. "

92% of users of the website say that nowadays it is much more socially accepted to meet people on the Web. These same users are convinced that the world of online dating opens a range of possibilities to "matchear" with someone appropriate and related to their personality and lifestyle.

Despite the indisputable of the numbers, There are many men and women, especially in Latin America, who consider that those who search for a partner via Web are "rare" or "desperate."

It is important to shake off the cobwebs of prejudice and be able to see that:

  • Today, almost everything is done online: banking, purchasing, labor communications and friendly reunions. None of this seems "freaky". Why should it be to use technology to find a love?
  • After 40 years, the possibility of expanding the social circle becomes difficult. In large cities, geographical distances can constitute a barrier to the encounter. In small communities, people often know each other and that makes it difficult to meet new people. In either of these two cases, dating sites allow obstacles to be overcome.
  • It's no longer just digital natives who go to dating sites to find a partner. There is a notable increase in the number of users over the age of 35.
  • Resigning the possibility of exploring new options for the "they will say" does not seem like a good idea ...

If you still think that looking for a love online is freak, there is excellent news. The possibility of finding a "freak according to one" is very high since the operation of is based on matcheo algorithms and search filters that bring users' choices closer to potential compatibilities.

As it is popularly said, "for every broken there is a ripple."

And it can be found online.

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