When he is much smaller ..

When a man goes out with a younger woman no one seems to make noise. When it happens the other way around, there is always a skeptical look or an inappropriate comment. The ideal is to ignore one's own and others' prejudices, to live in freedom and to build good love as everyone feels better.

Until not too long ago, loves between women over 30 and over and very young men were considered by many to be the eccentricities of celebrities in magazines. The reality is that there have always been and more and more couples with these characteristics and many of them work in a more harmonious way than those in which the ages are equated.

It is not coincidental that there are so many unions "uneven" "That work in fullness. Men like women who like themselves, who are sure of who they are and where they are going. Many times these characteristics are found in women who are in the fullness of their acceptance of themselves.

For those who decide to face the construction of a bond in which the age difference is marked it is good to have note that:

  • No one is going to live life for you. It's good to avoid the look of others. While it is healthy to be open to the opinions of those who love us, there is no need to take charge or follow the path that family and friends believe best for our lives.
  • Disqualifications often come from the hand of the fears and prejudices of others. The comments tending to detract from the relationship are nothing other than the projection of prejudices or the history of other people about it. Do not take gossip as something personal.
  • Many negative comments often come from women themselves: a very common one is "she looks like his mother". Faced with these types of phrases, the best thing to do is to smile and not try to change anyone's opinion. Happiness is the best answer.
  • Not necessarily a young man has to be immature. Just as there are older men who never reach maturity, there are men of twenty or thirty who they have the vital wisdom necessary to carry out a nutritious exchange.
  • Harmony with friends and family of both is possible. In the diversity of personalities and in the exchange of experiences everyone can grow.

A link with different ages can be enriching: in the difference of knowledge and processes it can give a growth of both members of the couple. You just have to face the relationship with an open mind and desire to build two.

Do you know a datum? In a recent Match.com survey, 32% of respondents said that "love has no age" . That is to say, one in three people lacks prejudices when facing a sentimental bond. Among them may be your new love.

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