First appointment: How to act if you take a disappointment

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After a time of virtual interaction , you decided to meet face to face who you thought could be a potential partner . But it turns out that reality is not up to your expectations and you are at a crossroads. It is important that you reduce the chances of getting frustrated on a first date and that you learn to act with elegance if things do not go as planned.

It is worth remembering that for a first meeting

It is always advisable to design a program that is more "light", like a coffee because it allows you to manage the times (more or less). A dinner or lunch can be transformed into an eternity if the other person does not like you or if there is no feeling between them.

The time of the meeting has arrived and , even though you have interacted through all possible digital channels with your date - Webcam and chats included-, something is not working out as you expected : you do not like its aroma, its way of talking to the waitress, Something tells you that it will not work or you just do not feel like being in that place, at that moment, with that person. Do not despair. And keep in mind some questions:
Do not even think about leaving your appointment. He is a being who, like you, is looking to meet someone special. There are hundreds of cases of people who have left a place leaving someone waiting. That is not to be "alive", it is to be cruel.
If the first impression is not to your liking, take a coffee at least, be kind and look for some elegant way to let your partner know that you are not going to stay for a long time. For example, you have a last-minute job meeting.

  • Avoid hurting the other person. You did not like it physically or your way of doing it. Gesturing is irritating does not enable you to "sincericidio". Think about how you would like to be told that you are prettier on the screen, for example, than face to face. Do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you. Do not tell others what you would not like to hear from you.
  • Do not close yourself. That this man or woman is not stimulating you for a relationship does not mean that you do not be a wonderful person who is worth the joy to know more. From unsuccessful appointments have been born lasting friendships, incredible businesses and good times.
  • Do not promise things that you will not fulfill. If you already know that there is NO chance to build a link sentimental, do not enable the illusion of the other. No "we call", "see you" or spread false expectations. It is preferable that you appeal to some diplomatic variable of "you are not you, it is me" that suggests that it is not in your plans to reconcile an exit.


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