How to find out if you are looking for a commitment or a "touch and go"


I wish sentimental relationships were like mathematics. We would know in this way what are the correct results and the operations leading to them. But unfortunately, that's not the way it works. When we start a relationship, we believe we know where we start from, even though we do not have the least idea of ​​where we will get to. The reality indicates that people usually confuse us about the real intentions of the other.

Will you want a relationship in earnest or just a "touch and go?" is the question that We usually make women and, nowadays, also many men, given the feminine advances in initiating the conquest. There are no closed or definitive answers; Many times what seems like a mere passionate night can be transformed into the love of a life.
However, some clues can tell you which path that sharing is just starting.

  • A man or a woman who wants to have a serious partner will not be embarrassed to confess it. Maybe it's not you who he or she chooses for that purpose but will surely tell you about their desire to find a life partner, to live as a couple and even from the dream of having - or adopting - children. Who wants compromises, often tell.
  • It is likely that whoever is searching for a "touch and go" does not take too much care of the forms. A man who respects a lady and she tries to continue knowing her to build something of two she would never do something like send her in a taxi to her house or make her go to the meeting place without offering to look for her, for example. Disrespectful behaviors like this speak not only of lack of manners but of an absolute disinterest in the other.
  • Someone who wants a serious relationship does not do "the great Houdini". to say, that lady or that gentleman stays available, sustains the communication without hysteria. He does not have behaviors like appearing and disappearing for days and he does not play the mystery. Evasive behaviors speak of lack of desire or commitment phobia.
  • Whoever wants to commit is not ambiguous about their current relationship. Someone who points to something formal with another does not. he walks with excuses or theories of the type "I am separating". If you listen to songs like that or "with my wife/boyfriend we sleep in separate rooms", put feet in powder right now.

You will never know how it starts and how it ends because you are not a clairvoyant. But there is a phrase that is interesting to keep in mind: "in the beginning the end is agreed".

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