How to go out with a foreigner and not die trying


It turns out that after a long period of amorous inactivity, a beautiful man who does not share your nationality has reached your heart. Maybe they've already seen each other face to face with him; maybe not. The truth is that you are excited about the possibility of "traveling" to another culture at the hand of that gentleman and, at the same time, bewildered by the abyss that there is in the actions of a man from another country in terms of dating. That you like a foreigner is not an obstacle to the link, on the contrary. It is the great opportunity to take intercultural differences as a form of personal and cultural enrichment. To live a great love has been said! In the language that is.

Here are some small tips to keep in mind in this love affair that you have decided to undertake.

  • The customs in Matter of citations vary by country and age groups. In Argentina, as well as to give an example, it is customary for the man to pay at the first exit. However, today and due to the economic situation of the country, many young people decide to share expenses, even in a first meeting.
  • Do not expect that special man to fall from the sky as if it were rain. To get what you want in life, you must take action. Did you try to build an attractive profile on, for example? You will see how it rains proposals that make you feel wanted. Do not limit yourself to taking the initiative. Although it is often said that the man likes to "hunt", many are happy that the woman takes the first step.
  • Do not be scared if the gentleman does not call you immediately after the appointment. Perhaps it is what is styled in Mexico if it is a "serious" relationship. Some foreign men like to "create suspense" a couple of days to generate expectation and desire in women.
  • Pay attention to what he says, promises and what he actually does. Actions, in all areas of life, tend to be more important than words.

And if you are of the idea that "there are no more men", here is great news . Of the more than 8 million users that has in Mexico, 58% is male. Happy meeting, then!

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