How to "win" on the web


Finally you have decided to look for a partner online. Finding love online has its secrets. In we give you some infallible tips to "win" on the Web.

Your profile:
It's your cover letter. To be attractive, it is important that you devote time and creativity to its preparation. The energy you invest in presenting yourself will be proportional to the achievements you get.

The "nick": Do not pretend to be too original or funny. Using your nickname can work. Avoid bluffs like "Casanova" or "Goddess of love"

The photo:
Choose a realistic photo, that will paint you in your everyday life. Everyday does not mean vulgar. The ideal photo is usually an American shot that provides a general idea of ​​your physical frame. Avoid photos with sunglasses, hats and other gadgets that cover your face. Forget about photoshop and leather photos.

Your description:
The text should be cordial and not too long. Describe yourself with sympathy and highlight your virtues in a moderate way. It is not a C.V. so limit your professional achievements to the titles obtained or to your work.
Make your physical description complement that of the photo, avoiding duplicating the information. Explore yourself in your tastes and hobbies.

Keep in mind some other fundamental issues when looking for a partner online:

  • Be clear. It is fundamental that you say what you want and what you do not want. Always with kindness. That will make the search more agile for you and for others and to reduce the possibility of disagreements.
  • Be positive. Do not throw bad. Do not exaggerate your virtues but do not expose your "miseries". There will be time to meet face to face and the other person will evaluate if he can get along with your faults (and you with his or her).
  • Be careful with spelling. A badly written mail can be the twilight of a budding love. Take care of the language.

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