In love, better illusions than expectations

The big problem in any order of life is always expectations. If it's about love, when you start to meet someone, do it with illusions and as far as possible leave your expectations aside.

Great expectations = great frustrations

Most missteps in ties - friendship, dating, work - they are due to our expectations, as the dictionary says, "the hope of achieving or accomplishing something great". We tend to project on other people our incomplete desires, our most valuable dreams, our desire, not to mention our frustrations ... A typical example of excessive expectations in sentimental matters is when someone says they are looking for their "half orange" as if the other person who comes to their life could complete it and give it the brightness it craves.

When we talk about couple's love, to build two, it is very healthy to think of a life partner, someone who comes to be nourished in the interaction and with whom we can grow.

Instead of depositing energy on expectations that may become unrealizable, you can Make your desire to be in two efficient.

  • Make your wish list. Think about what kind of person you are looking for to share your life , with what physical characteristics, with what type of personality, with what projects. And fundamentally, what you would like to share with that woman or with that man.
  • Visualize yourself living that relationship you always dreamed about. What we build in our mind is often reflected in our reality. Do not underestimate the power of your imagination and what your thoughts create; They are usually very powerful.
  • Be grateful. When we are grateful, we often find many blessings and satisfying relationships. Think that if you have not yet found the love you dreamed, it should be there when you arrive. When we thank life for everything we have always taken for granted, health, work, etc., what we are longing for is waiting for us around the corner.
  • Think of all that you are in a position to give your new partner: rediscover, think of all those traits that make you that special person you are. Value yourself, give yourself a slap on the man and recognize the way traveled. To build healthy bonds, first we have to love ourselves.
  • When you first start dating, let the relationship flow. If you imagine yourself married on the first date, with children, dog and pool you will surely transmit your anxiety to the other person.

And remember, love can be a click away. Decide to look for your life partner. Register in and decide to start life in two.

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