Independent women and the myth of male "fear"

It is common to hear many women complain that "there are no men" and that they "are afraid" of them. Neither one nor the other: it is likely that the excess of determination is moving to the link and that is the reason why they take distance.

Most men of our time like that the woman be sure of herself and be clear about what she wants and where she is going. Consulted about how they see women with these characteristics they respond things like this:

"I appreciate that she has the capacity to surprise, but above all that she is free, that she knows what she wants, what search and what you need "

" I do not want "my other half"; I want a complete woman that I feel proud of. "

" Desire and dependence are bad; dependency generates unconditional and leaves no room for imagination or creativity "

Although men value women with self-determination, many say they are alone without being their choice and it is not easy to find or maintain a partner.
There are some bonding behaviors that can alienate men and here we tell you how to avoid them:

  • Being independent does not mean being authoritarian Being determined does not mean that decisions must be made unilaterally.
  • The form is as important as the background. Knowing what you want does not mean that there is what to say imperatively. It is important that communication be loving. Being assertive does not imply being aggressive.
  • Harmony is based on consensus. Successful professional women often develop survival tools for a world of men: making transcendent decisions, direct teams and give orders. Transferring these attitudes to a sentimental bond can be very dangerous.
  • In a couple, life is walked in pairs. When you look for a life partner you do it to share not to compete. You do not have to be showing all the time what you can do, what you can earn or how smart you are.
  • Taking the initiative does not mean canceling your partner. In a chess game, you have to let the other one move too. It is good to remember that the challenge can eroticize but in its proper measure. Living giving directions neutralizes and can cause resentment.

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