January, a great month to find a partner


The "madness" of December ended, the whirlwind of the festivities ... end to the emotional whirlwind of the end of the year and the beginning of January, the month of the beginning, even if they are symbolic. Maybe the new year is just a continuation of the previous cycle; however something is renewed, in the illusion of change. Why not think about the arrival of love?

January is summer in the southern hemisphere and many take vacations or return to the ring after the holidays, with renewed spirit. Being relaxed and with less pressure can predispose them to a rethinking of emotional life and to think about what they want to change to feel fuller. In this reflection appear the desire to find a life partner. Many will have made their wish list on December 31st. If one of them was to find a sentimental partner, it is likely that this is the right time. It's just about making the decision to find that great love.

The numbers confirm that in January people are more predisposed to find a partner:

According to Match statistics. com, the largest online dating site in the world, is the month in which most users register. And it is also the most active within the site.

Keep in mind some issues that can help you in this search - and I find - a relationship:

• Keep your mind open: Incorporate new places you frequent can help you connect with other people. Have a friendly attitude and predisposed to talk and exchange with others. You never know where love can be.

• Go for new things. It does not mean you have to parachute from an airplane. Changing your routines frees you from rigidities and structures and new situations may appear that predispose you to the encounter.

• Trust you: think that there are no predetermined moments or age for the links. It's just that you feel worthy and trust your ability to give and receive love. When you are in harmony with yourself and your life, you will attract situations that tune in with your well-being.

• Trust in the process of things: that special person you dream of having will already arrive by your side Remember that things do not happen by magic. Get out of your comfort zones; this way you will have more chances to find your love.

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