Raúl Gutiérrez from Mexico and Neusa Gomes from Brazil


This story corresponds to Raúl Domingo Reséndiz Gutiérrez of Mexico and Neusa Maria Gomes from Brazil.

Review of her story:
"I went in hoping to find someone no matter what was on the other side of the world, one day a photo stopped me search, it was a smile that captivated me from the first moment. After reviewing the photos that smile remained constant in each and every one of them. When I left my initial charm I saw that person was in Brazil. I thought about everything that involved, another culture, another country, other customs and many decisions to make. For a moment imprisoned in fear of the unknown, I thought to refuse that feeling but it was too late because my heart belonged to her. As a subscriber I was able to send him a message saying that he liked it and that he wanted to see if he wanted to see my profile to find a life in common. She saw it and I also doubt it but something in her heart forced her to answer yes. At that moment our lives were sealed. We spent hours chatting, falling in love more each day at a distance for 5 months, planning until one day she took the flight and arrived in Mexico. I will never forget how I trembled in my arms and from there we went through what was necessary to stay together in Mexico this January finally in Brazil we united our lives before God, family and friends.
They thought that we ran many risks and that we were very adventurous but in reality we manage to do it because we are two people in love willing to live happily and do what is necessary to achieve it.
Happiness is something worth risking, before we lived dreaming like a love by our side, now we live our dream waking up side by side for 2 years living in Mexico. Dare to dream too. "

1. How long did they use Match.com before they met?

Ella: I used the site for 2 years before I met Raúl.
He: In my case, it was 2 years that I was enrolled looking for people .

2. How did the encounter in Match happen?

He: What happens in Match is that we know many people, trying to always say in our profiles, what we really are, unfortunately some people were not so honest and were not what we expected. However, I kept looking and found the photo of Neusa, it caught my attention because she had several smiling photos on her profile. Then I went to read his profile and what he conveyed to me was a feeling of honesty.
To learn more about Neusa and to be able to send messages to her, I became a payee to be able to interact. She was a free user at that time so she could not interact with me. So I paid to have contact with her. If I had not paid we would not have met.
I sent an email to her, she saw it and she was interested. She really was not looking for a person from another country. Neusa was in Sao Paulo. I did not look for people from other countries either. Unfortunately in Mexico some people are very suspicious, so I started looking in other countries to see other people and other cultures. Suddenly I was struck by the photo of her. I sent her an email at that time she did not speak any Spanish and I had to translate into Portuguese, she answered the email I added her to my contacts and started the interaction through of the site.

3. What attracted them most of their profile to feel they needed to contact the other person?

He: The first thing that caught my attention was that I had enough photographs and they were not produced, in all of them smile that was the first thing I noticed. Later I saw that all the parts of his profile were complete and the features were much what I was looking for. I had many pictures on the site and she could see who I was.First it was a visual approach of me towards her, after seeing that it fulfilled what I was looking for.
In the case of Neusa, she first saw my profile and then the photos from that moment we entered into the doubt of if we were real or not. Then we checked to be in contact that everything was real and then everything started.
We had a relationship of 5 months online and after that comes a marriage proposal online. She accepted and came to meet me in Mexico, we met at the airport in Mexico City. It arrived on June 27, 2012 and on November 10 of the same year, we got married by civil means. In December of the following year we went and we met Brazil. By marrying a foreign person he had to take responsibility for me to enter Brazil. Now I can go live with her there.

4. In their first meeting confirmed the impressions they had when they communicated through Match?

He: If we confirm them, because when we saw each other in the photos we saw that they were real photos. Each of us upload photos as we were, we had not omitted anything. There was only the expectation of seeing us in person, we already knew each other, we had already talked, made video calls, emails etc. There were no surprises anymore.

5. What were your feelings when you first met?
He: I remember arriving at the airport at 7:30 p.m. and I was afraid that when she saw me in person she would react differently. She was also afraid that they would not let her into the country, she was very nervous. Her reaction, when we could see each other, was very emotional. He began to tremble, we ran to hug him, we were embraced like five minutes without saying anything. It was very beautiful, she did not stop crying. We almost did not say anything, everything was more sensations.

6. Surely he has a funny anecdote to share with all of us! He: What I can tell you is that language is not a barrier. In the beginning I spoke Spanish and English and she only spoke Portuguese. When we started contacting each other I did not understand anything and neither did she. We would get into a translator and write and copy what the translator said. One time there was a misunderstanding because for Brazilians some words similar to Castilian meant something different to her like the word "to miss a lot" that for her meant to strike with her fist. Then a confusion was created that we later clarified.

7. What role has Match played in your relationship?
He: The role of Match in our relationship was basic. I am an older person and today it is difficult to approach a person on the street because the first thing that is generated is distrust especially here in Mexico City. You lose a lot of time moving and that lost time you can take advantage of to meet people online, with your same affinities. I never, never imagined that the love of my life was going to be on the other side of the world, 12 hours of flight to Brazil. It was amazing, I could not have met my wife if it was not for Match. We also got married in Brazil and on the day of my wedding I was dressed as Charro, in fact, on Facebook, the photos are on.

8. What are your projects for the next months?
He: We are building a house here in Mexico and we are going to buy a house in Brazil. The plan is to have a place to live here and there where my wife's family is and allow us to travel once a year and be between the two countries.

9. What message would you like to give to all those who are still alone?
He: Do not despair there is always someone who will find what you want, who wants to share the afternoon with a coffee, watch a movie. Do not be fooled that there are no perfect people or princes or princesses.Because if they touched me people who occupy the site to cheat and ask for money. They say they're going to visit you and they do not really come and cheat you. That part of validating that the other person exists should be stricter. It happened to me with people from Russia and South Africa.

• The gift that he would love to do to him
Him: I would like her to take me to dinner and pay for everything

• The gift that he would like to give her
He: A game of sexy lingerie

• The journey he is dreaming about
Her: A trip to Cancun
He: A trip to the beaches from Puerto Escondido

• The subject they disagree about
She: I do not agree that she sees her ex-wife, the mother of her son
He: I'm not Agree that she sees ex-partners

• The dream they share
She: Live together to the end
Him: Live the whole life together

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