Women take the initiative on the web

Has the man decided to take a break in the matter of seduction?
The woman has considered going for what she wants?
Questions that apply to the feminine advances when it comes to seducing a man to an appointment or at the beginning of the sexual game.

Although the debate sounds old-fashioned for younger generations, the initiative of women in the field of love still arouses sparks and society gradually adapts to the new dynamics that make the encounter. Fortunately, the so-called war of the sexes has ended. Today there are many women who take the first step and that is appreciated by many men.

"If the woman attracts me, seduces me, that makes me what I want. I like the intelligent woman and those women take the initiative so that I end up believing that I took it ":

"Man can try to start seduction but the pan by the handle, with rare exceptions, always has the woman,"

In Some Latin American countries get used to always being the ones who start the procession. But, in general, although at the beginning they are surprised, they welcome the feminine invitation with sympathy. In the sexual domain, the reaction may vary according to the masculine structure and mandates. There are those who can lose the desire if it is she who initiates the erotic game.

Reality indicates that nowadays, the ladies propose new games and many love to take the reins in the sexual interaction. It is especially the younger men who appreciate the initiative of a self-confident, determined and sexually restless woman.

Women today go for what they want and also take the lead on the Web. The statistics ratify:

In the couple search on Match.com, the largest dating portal in the world, they take more initiative than men.

The start of a contact - sending the first message that enables the dialogue - is 30% higher on the site for women than for men.

The Internet, social networks and mainly dating sites, created specifically for the search of a love, have democratized the links and opened the game of seduction.

The initiative female takes pressure off the male and is modeling the new relationships in which it is more common for them to go in search of what they want.

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